Veronica Kuhn holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Virginia and a BS in ecology and evolutionary biology from Rice University. She has received scholarships from the Bread Loaf Orion Environmental Writers’ Conference and Inprint Houston. Her poetry and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in The Cincinnati ReviewMeridianDIAGRAM, and others. She currently works as a documentation writer in Los Angeles.

Read Online

“Self-Portrait as Lollipops That Grow into Plants after You’re Done Eating Them” in minnesota review Issue 93

“Bilingual, Former” in Perigee 

Promenade Along Allée of Honey Locusts” in CutBank Issue 85

Taxonomies” in DIAGRAM Issue 16.6

The Multiverse at 36,000 Feet”  in The Adroit Journal Issue 18


“To & Fro” in FENCE (forthcoming)

“Jargon” in Oversound Issue 5

“3.75 Plants to the Dollar” in Washington Square Review 

“It Was Pouring on the Grounds of the Pharmaceutical Corporation” in The Cincinnati Review Issue 4.2

“Implanted Port, or Test to Differentiate Between Human and Android” in Sonora Review  Issue 67